Meet The Curator

Meet The Curator is more than a brand to me, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a personal mantra that I live every day. I choose to lead, not follow. I can laugh about it now, but I watched a good amount of my life drift by my eyes due to complacency. I always had dreams about living a fulfilled life. My own house, the right job, the perfect wife and all that jazz. I had a good job, a good woman and great friends. What more could I need? However, I had to come to the reality that the path I was on, was taking me further away from those goals and aspirations. It wasn’t until I got punched in the face by life that I actually woke up. The path was simple, I could choose to stay comfortable and live a life that was easy or I could step out of my comfort zone and make my dreams a reality. It’s not easy to try new things, to step outside yourself, but if you do then you’ll find life’s not that scary. You can accomplish anything you put your mind to. You can curate your life.

Meet The Curator was a shift in my mindset. It led to the creation of my dream, which was to be a thought leader and brand owner. I can honestly say that for the first time in ten years I’m excited about my profession, my passion. I want to be an example for others, out there trying to understand that WE all can get what we truly want. Start with a vision. Truly believe in yourself and ignore the negative voices. Focus on getting the most important task of the day done. Keep your discipline up and stay on that task until it is complete. Persevere through all the obstacles, there will be many and the journey won’t be easy, but you’re built for this. Find your independence that creates a life fulfilled. I hope for you growth on your personal journey. Go get what you desire. Meet The Curator.

Peace and Love,
The Curator