It Took 5 Years To Write This Post

The last post for this blog is dated April 17th 2017. That’s right. Almost 5 years ago.

So What Gives? What was happening? What has happened?

What hasn’t happened? In inverse order…

-Antonio Brown said I Quit like he was Jeffery from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

-Omicron, Delta, Covid-19.

-People who believed the election was stolen stormed the capitol. 

-Kobe Bryant Died

-A Black Woman was nominated to the second highest office in the USA

-Jussie Smollet got “beat Up” 

-Russia Invaded Ukraine and The people of Ukraine are fighting back!

You get the gist, a bunch of things have happened in the past almost 5 years. 

What took so long?

Fear was dominating my life as I was writing this blog post. I focused on everything except the main objective of the brand: to inspire human beings to be the curator of the life they want to lead. The main thing about curation is knowing what NOT to put in a collection. So here I was preoccupied with saying the wrong thing, that I ended up doing something even more egregious. I said nothing. I did nothing. I let my ego get involved and in the way instead of focusing on you, the end user.

 I think the lesson that I take away and hope to learn is that there is no such thing as perfection. Anxiety (to me) is waiting for the snow globe to stop shaking and all the contents to fall to the ground and never be shaken again. It’s never going to happen. I drilled down into myself with the help of therapy and introspection. I have identified something in myself. My ego is so intertwined with my identity that I paralyze myself from action. The only way out is through. So I just wanted to say I’m very proud of myself for vomiting these words and hitting publish on this blog post because it means for one day I slayed the dragon at the door and I beat my ego. 

So who knows if and when the next blog post will come but just know that if I can sit down and write this almost 5 years later, then perseverance is not something only certain people have, we all have it, the question becomes, are we able to detach from our ego and place ourselves outside where its not safe? I trust that you’ll find your way. Curate Your Own Life. 

On the blog we’re gonna have a lot of fun, we’ll post and share memes, stories like this, playlists that have been curated by DJ friends of mine, seasonal posts, guest posts, anything I want because at the end of the day… It’s my BLOG. I hope you Curate Your Own Life the way you see fit. 


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